Unbearable Tinnitus?

Unbearable tinnitus for some people is so bad that they’ll consider suicide. They can’t get through their normal day routine, they can’t handle a personal relationship, they can’t even keep a job. Their tinnitus is just too much.

While researching tinnitus, I came across an interesting article. There were researchers studying tinnitus, working with patients with incredibly unbearable tinnitus.

The researchers know the auditory nerve, inside the ear, sends impulses to the brain that the ears hear from external stimulus(outside noise), but in the case of tinnitus, the auditory nerve is sending false impulses to the brain even though there isn’t any outside noise.

A patient with incredibly unbearable tinnitus had their auditory nerve cut, severed completely. The crazy part was that the patient could still hear the constant unbearable ringing even though they were completely deaf. Tinnitus is not heard but experienced!